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FAQ thread

Hopefully this will cure any questions that may arise. If, however, you have a question and you don't see it posted here, by all means ask away!

What is ff_santa?

ff_santa is a Christmas time fic exchange for the final fantasy community. It's done in the style of "secret santa" meaning everybody signs up, you're given a person to write for, and no one knows who writes for who until the fics are posted.

What about Dissidia?

Dissidia has it's own universe and it's own timeline. We'd like to leave Dissidia out of this please. AND BY THAT THOUGHT, WE'D ALSO LIKE TO LEAVE OUT CROSSOVERS.

What about the Final Fantasy VII compilation?

We're going to allow this, since it all fits the same time line.

What kind of fics?

Your recipient will fill out the sign-up sheet and request certain genres and possibly prompts. We ask that you try your best to fit the fic within the genre requested (as in, if you have someone asking for 'general' or 'humor' please do not give them straight horror)

How long does the fic need to be?

It would be appreciated if you could make it a one-shot of at least 700 words. We have no cap on the word limit, just please try not to submit a 50,000 piece epic?

How do we submit our entries?

This is actually up for debate this year, and I will be conversing with my fellow moderator to decide how we want you guys to submit entries, there will be a post once a decision is made ♥

How many series/characters can I pick?

We're asking you keep it between 3 series and 4-6 characters, total. This should give your writer a sufficient gambit to pick from.

Can I contact my recipient and ask them for more information about their preferences?

It would be greatly appreciated if you do no such thing. If you feel you need more information about your recipient please send one of us a PM and we will act as go betweens (I suggest bugging me since the lovely imadra_blue is in grad school and is swamped)

I can't write humor/angst/romance, can you give me someone else?

As we cannot hope to pair everyone up with their ideal writer and invariably there will be instances of "I can't write this fic because I don't write comedy/romance/het/slash/etc/etc", the preferences are there so that your gift-writer can try their best to fulfill ONE of each criteria based on your preferences. We're not perfect. We can't tell who writes for what genre most successfully.

What is pinch-hitting?

Pinch-hitting is to fill in if someone doesn't get their gift written - if there's anyone left without a gift after the due date, I'll ask someone else to pinch-hit.

How long do I have to write this?

Sign up is open from now until the middle of November, and assignments will go out by Thanksgiving, hopefully. I'm asking to please have your assignment done by about the secong week in December I'll be sending out e-mails checking on everyone's status and AT THAT TIME, if you do not feel like you can complete your entry please let me know so a pinch-hitter can be assigned with a cushion of time to get writing.
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