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ff_santa is nearly done! I hope you are enjoying your gifts!

I believe there are a couple of pinch hits still being written by the awesome iki_teru, but we have a majority of the fics posted. I encourage you guys to read through--comments are not required, but I'm sure the writers would appreciate them. I'm reading and commenting on all the fics, and I've read some really great entries so far. I will continue to read and comment over the next couple days. I will take the liberty of creating a master list when everything is posted.

Though this is a small fic exchange, iki_teru deserves our gratitude for all her hard work. She did most everything, and since I'm the back-up mod, I observed the effort she put in firsthand. Ana, thank you for granting my wish of a Final Fantasy Holiday Exchange. ♥ We also have several pinch hitters that I will thank once all the pinch hits are in, but I'd like to say thanks for making this happen in advance.

In addition, I took the liberty of creating a collection at AO3 for this comm. Writers, feel free to add your stories to the Final Fantasy Santa Fic Exchange - 2009 sub-collection (the parent collection is closed as I like to dream we'll do this again next year and need those sub-collections for organizational purposes). If you're familiar with yuletide, it's similar to that. If you do not have an AO3 account, you can request an invite here. I'm requesting invite codes to see if I can pass them out to you, and we'll see if they get them to me soon. I'm not sure how long it might take them, but I hope it won't be too long. If you're already on AO3, just upload away, and I'll clear you through so long as your fic appears on this comm. Contact me here if you need any help with that. AO3 seems promising thus far, so I encourage you to join up, whether for this collection or not. And uploading to the collection is not mandatory or time-determined, just an option.

If you guys have any ideas for post-holiday fun, such as maybe turning sign-ups into prompts that people can write and post as they please, please discuss them here. I don't know about iki_teru, but I'm always up for more FF fic. Especially for FF4, FF7, and FF8. *subtle like a limit break to the face*

ETA: If you do upload your story to the collection, please drop me a note here to let me know, and I'll go approve it. The system doesn't email me, so I have to manually check it, and I might forget to do that every day without you guys prompting me. XD
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