Jax (imadra_blue) wrote in ff_santa,

10 invites for AO3 available!

If you would like to join AO3 and (hopefully) add your stories to the Final Fantasy Santa Fic Exchange - 2009 collection, please comment here. I have 10 invites and can pass them out to whomever would like them. I'm also happy to help you out with any advice on uploading or tag usage, based on my limited knowledge. This is an optional feature of ff_santa, but totally encouraged.

PS - I am still reading through fics. I have 5 left. :D I am impressed. We are small, but we have a lot of enjoyable stories on here! Great work, everyone. I'll keep reading. Feel free to post and cross-post your fics elsewhere, if you haven't already.

ETA: Read through all the fics. Everyone did such a nice job this year. I'm really proud of all the participants. ♥
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