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Gift for: ff_santa

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Recipient: ff_santa (recipient dropped out)
Writer: grrlzombie
Title: Kupo: A Tragic Comedy
Series/Characters: Final Fantasy VII -- Cloud, Tifa
Rating: PG for a small dose of what may be considered violence.
Summary: Tifa and Cloud settle their differences over a catastrophe.
Notes: You'll either hate me or think I'm downright insane. I'm sorry if you hate it. It's a little unexpected. D: I think I've created a new genre with this: Fusing drama, humor, and all-around crack. Baha. But yeah, it's... different, maybe.

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Tangled// a modern day woman

Gift for perkyandproud

Recipient: perkyandproud
Writer: chaosraven
Title: The Sorceresses Knight (aka Throbbing Wangs and Bosoms)
Series/Characters: FF8; Seifer, Zell
Rating: PG-13, mostly for language and for Zell being promiscuous.

Notes: IDEK. Thanks to Nay who told me this was a bad idea in the beginning but has since come around. I still find it all hilarious though so I'm not regretting things too much.

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Tangled// a modern day woman

Gift for tamatamatan

Recipient: tamatamatan
Author: imadra_blue (Mod note I put dear imadra through hellfire trials for this fic exchange and she not only wrote an amazing piece but she also pinch-hit for us! Give her a big hand you guys!)
Title: "Not I or You, But We"
Series/Characters: Final Fantasy VII - Reno/Cloud
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sephiroth has returned and laid waste to his enemies.
In the wake of fresh destruction, Cloud and Reno are left alone in a
dying world to cope with the aftermath. Together, both may return to
Warning(s): Post-Apocalyptic AU, Character Deaths (pre-story)
Word Count: 3727
Notes: tamatamatan, you said you liked gen, slash,
and horror, and I somehow put them all together and got this. I hope
it's not too far out where the buses don't run for you, and I hope you
have a Happy Holiday. ♥

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Gift for imadra_blue

Recipient: imadra_blue
Writer: mako_lies
Title: A Crooked Smile
Series/Characters: Final Fantasy VII, Yuffie, Vincent, Cast
Rating: T (for swearing)

Notes: Set sometime between AC and DoC. This also is not what I was originally writing for this, however, the other piece I was writing ended up being super long and so I wrote this instead. As such, this hasn't been beta-ed and I only had time for a quick proof read. This was a lot of fun to write, so hope you like it.

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Tangled// a modern day woman

Gift for shadowwaker

Recipient: shadowwaker
writer: dark_squall
Title: Hidden Gifts
Series/Characters: Final Fantasy VII - Reno/Rufus.
Rating: NC17
Notes: Set sometime before the events of FF7, with brief mentions of CC and BC stuff. I think this is only the second time I've written Reno/Rufus, so hopefully you enjoy it, Shadowwaker :) Forgive the navy blue suits, I like them in those as much as the regular black. Since you asked for Humour, Drama or Romance, I tried to include a little of all three. The little scene at the end is a bonus, written while I waited for my lovely beta to check the fic.

With thanks to RaceUlfson for beta (in record time) and helping me with Reno's gift. More thanks of course to the organiser of the exchange, iki_teru for dealing with all these fics!

Warnings for Male/Male sex, drinking and an English person attempting to reference something American she's not tried yet.

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Tangled// a modern day woman

Gift for: wounded_melody

Recipient: wounded_melody
Author: imadra_blue
Title: "Home for the Holidays"
Series/Characters: Final Fantasy VI - Edgar, Sabin, Gau
Rating: PG
Summary: Two years after Kefka's defeat, Edgar reunites with
his twin brother, Sabin, during the Figaro holiday season.
Word Count: 1296
Notes: Thanks to the wise rynne for the beta!
Edgar and Sabin's brotherly affection may be interpreted as either
platonic or not. I hope you don't mind that this is on the fluffy
side, wounded_melody, and have a Happy Holiday. :)

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